Jun (Doris) Jia was born in China. She started her piano career at the age of four. In 2011, she graduated from Tianjin Normal University with a Major of Piano Performance in B.A. and Teacher and Education Professional Curriculum. After graduate, she became a piano teacher in a music school and teach private piano lessons. During her teaching, she wanted to learn more about music teaching which could help her teaching more professional and more efficient. Because of her passion of music teaching, she decided to become an international student in US and study music education deeply. In 2017, she graduated with a Master of Art in Music Education in Azusa Pacific University. She has more than 5 years teaching experiences in China and US. Doris teachesĀ piano lessons at Hollywood Arts Academy. She can help students to prepare exams and have more motivation in music learning. She likes to encourage students to find their talent in music, because she believes every child has music talent.


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